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Off The Shelf / Ready Made Companies

An off the shelf company is a limited company pre-registered at Companies House, but has never traded, and is ready to be used immediately. Formations Direct offers a large selection of off-the-shelf companies (readymade limited companies).

To purchase simply click the order button or alternatively ring our hotline on 0800 085 45 05 (free call, UK only), or by contacting us.

Alternatively, you can order a limited company formation with a name of your choice using our own name limited company formation application.

PLEASE NOTE: that the prices below include costs associated with our Money Laundering Regulations (MLR) compliance. If you are an MLR obliged entity and have an account with us, you may be exempt from the additional fee. Please log into your account to see your personalised fees, or contact us with any queries.

Current off the shelf company names available for order

Agencies names

WYXTER AGENCIES LIMITED06 January 2022£104.00order details

Associates names

ROSETTE ASSOCIATES LIMITED02 December 2021£104.00order details

Building names

HANDYMAN BUILDING SERVICES LIMITED02 November 2021£104.00order details

Communications names

BLUEFLAG COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED02 November 2021£104.00order details
CARNATION COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED02 December 2021£104.00order details
CRIUS COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED11 March 2022£104.00order details

Computing names

ASTRA COMPUTING LIMITED11 March 2022£104.00order details

Corporate names

GANYMEDE CORPORATE LIMITED11 March 2022£104.00order details
GIGANTES CORPORATE LIMITED11 March 2022£104.00order details

Data names

YAMYAM DATA LIMITED06 January 2022£104.00order details

Design names

GLASS FROG DESIGNS LIMITED06 January 2022£104.00order details
HAMMERHEAD DESIGNS LIMITED01 October 2021£104.00order details

Engineering names

FUTUREPROOF ENGINEERING LIMITED02 November 2021£104.00order details
GOLDCREST ENGINEERING LIMITED01 October 2021£104.00order details

Enterprises names

DOMOORE ENTERPRISES LIMITED02 November 2021£104.00order details
WHITE JADE ENTERPRISES LIMITED06 January 2022£104.00order details

Entertainment names

CANARY CAPERS LIMITED07 February 2022£104.00order details
ELEPHANT ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED06 September 2021£104.00order details

Estates names

HELIOS ESTATES LIMITED11 March 2022£104.00order details

Industry names

INDUSTRY GURU LIMITED05 July 2021£104.00order details
LEADING INDUSTRIALS LIMITED05 July 2021£104.00order details
OUREA INDUSTRY LIMITED11 March 2022£104.00order details

Leisure names

DYNAMIC GYMS LIMITED02 November 2021£104.00order details
FAIRY FACTORY LIMITED09 March 2022£104.00order details

Management names

CRANE MANAGEMENT LIMITED02 November 2021£104.00order details

Marketing names

BUZZWORD MARKETING LIMITED05 July 2021£104.00order details
JE NE SAI QUOIS MARKETING LIMITED02 December 2021£104.00order details
MARKETING MARKETS LIMITED02 November 2021£104.00order details
VOXBOX MARKETING LIMITED01 October 2021£104.00order details

Misc names

FUSION FASHION LIMITED07 February 2022£104.00order details
MANXMOORE LIMITED01 October 2021£104.00order details

Services names

FINE IMAGE SERVICES LIMITED11 March 2022£104.00order details
STREET GENIE SERVICES LIMITED02 December 2021£104.00order details

Solutions names

RIGHTLITE SOLUTIONS LIMITED11 March 2022£104.00order details

Supplies names

OCEANUS SUPPLIES LIMITED06 January 2022£104.00order details
PRIMA SUPPLIES LIMITED02 August 2021£104.00order details

Systems names

COSMO SYSTEMS LIMITED02 December 2021£104.00order details
SLY FOX SYSTEMS LIMITED02 December 2021£104.00order details

Trade names

ARDENT TRADE LIMITED06 January 2022£104.00order details
CHERRYTREE TRADE LIMITED07 February 2022£104.00order details
WAY AHEAD TRADE LIMITED07 February 2022£104.00order details

Last updated: 10/08/2022 6:49AM

Where accountants buy from Freephone 0800 085 45 05
Landline 0161 798 9999
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