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Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) company formations

As a leading UK company formation agent we offer our expertise in the field of limited liability partnerships (LLP) as well as regular off the shelf or own name company registration.

This is a new type of corporate vehicle, created on 6th April 2001. It embodies some aspects of a limited company and some of a partnership, but it is registered at Companies House.

The basics of it are that it allows the business to enjoy limited liability status but also allows the participators to enjoy a partnership status and be taxed individually. The relationship between the members is governed by a partnership agreement or by default regulations.

It was intended for use by the professions where they wanted greater protection from negligence claims against the business as a a whole but wanted to retain the features of partnership which were an inherent feature of their modus operandi.

For the majority of small businesses and professional practices it has not proved to be popular with most going down the route of a limited company to enjoy limited liability.

The practicalities and the tax considerations need careful consideration before making a decision on how to proceed.

In order for us to form an LLP we would need the name, address and date of birth details of all of the partners in addition to the registered office address.

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Where accountants buy from Freephone 0800 085 45 05
Landline 0161 798 9999
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