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Managing Your Domain with FD

You can manage your domain names using your FD online account. This will give you several different options.

Changing your nameservers

All computers on the internet have internet (IP) addresses which are usually represented as a series of numbers with dots between them (eg. Domain names were invented in order to make it easier for people to access specific computers. The way that the domain name system works is that every domain name has at least 2 nameservers. These are the computers responsible for translating a server name (eg. www.formationsdirect.com) into the IP address which the computer can access.

When you want to use your domain name for email, a website or other services, the hosting company that you use will normally give you the nameservers to use. There are normally two of these (eg. ns1.example.com, ns2.example.com) and they can simply be entered in the appropriate domain in the domain management section of your FD online account.

You should not need to transfer the domain out of FD in order to do this, although some hosting companies will tell you to and may imply that you are unable to proceed without doing this. Transferring to a different registrar is purely a matter of who you pay when it comes to renewal. We have more information on transferring a domain if you want

Some domain names will require you to unlock them before changing the nameservers. This depends on the extension of the domain. eg. UK domains do not have a locking mechanism whereas .COM domains do. The web page will tell you if you need to unlock the domain name and give you the appropriate option. If you do not see the option to unlock then it is not appropriate for this type of domain.

Where accountants buy from Freephone 0800 085 45 05
Landline 0161 798 9999
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