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FAQ about Domain Name Registration

What is a domain?

A domain is your website address on the internet and is used in 2 ways:-

The domain name is the name entered into an internet browser enabling people to find a website eg www.formationsdirect.com

The domain name forms part of the e-mail address for your business eg [email protected]

Why do I need a domain name?

Without registering your domain name you won’t be able to get your business online with its own website, which is a fundimental requirement to trade successfully for the overwhelming majority of businesses.

Will registering a domain name protect my business?

We recommend that you register a domain name in the same name as your business to prevent other people from doing so and passing off their website as yours and stealing your customers. You should do this even if you do not intend to use that domain address for your website or do not wish to use it for some time. We also recommend registering several variants of your business name. this would include plural, common mis-spellings, hyphenated and most importantly several suffixes

What is the next step to register a domain?

Use our domain name registration search to find and order the best domain names for your business. Remember to order a number of the most popular "top level domains" (suffixes) in order to protect your business as best as possible.

How do I get started with a domain name registration?

A suitable domain name should either describe your product or be your actual business name. Pick a domain name which is easy to type and say over the phone. Our domain checker results will show if your chosen name is available with a variety of Top Level Domains to chose from. New domain names can take up to 48 hour to become available

Why is there a price difference between Top Level Domains?

This is due to popularity of some over others and differences in registry fees.

We usually recommend that you order all the variations during the domain name registration process in order to protect your domain name from being used by others. Customers may type “.com” domain expecting to find your website but if you only have “.co.uk” they might find your competitor instead.

Who owns my domain name once it is registered?

A domain name is never owned outright but rented subject to the registrar’s terms and conditions on an exclusive use basis with automatic right of renewal. By registering a domain you are entering into a 3 way agreement between the registrar, the registrant’s agent (us) and you, the registrant.

Who is a domain registrant?

A domain name registration may be completed in the name of an individual or a business. If you are carrying out a domain registration for your business you may choose the business or yourself as the registrant. Any type of business or person may be a domain registrant - whether you’re runing a limited company, partnership, sole trader or other form of business.

Do I need to renew my registration?

Domain names need to be renewed either annually or once every two years depending on which one you choose.

What do I do once the name is registered to make it work for me?

Once you have registered your domain name you need to pass the details to your technical advisor or website builder and they will sort out the rest for you.

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