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CIO constitution

What type of constitution and rules does a CIO have?

The Charity Commission has two model constitutions for CIOs:

  • the foundation model is for charities whose only voting members will be the charity trustees
  • the association model is for charities that will have a wider membership, including voting members other than the trustees

In practice a CIO using the foundation model will be like an unincorporated charitable trust, run by trustees who will make all the key decisions and be responsible for the CIO, without requiring election as there are no members.

A CIO using the association model will have a wider voting membership who must make certain decisions, will usually appoint some or all of the charity trustees (who will most likely serve for fixed terms and require re-electing by the members) and may be involved in the work of the CIO.

Like companies, which must have both members and company directors, all CIOs must have members and charity trustees. Depending on the CIO’s needs, the same individuals can be both members and charity trustees, or there can be a wider membership made up of people who are not the charity trustees.

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Where accountants buy from Freephone 0800 085 45 05
Landline 0161 798 9999
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