So the CIPd have found that 3 – 4% of contracts are zero hours. Nice catchy headline but perhaps this is progress and without such contracts these workers would have zero prospects at all. It also means that around 96% of people are not on such contracts but does the CIPD moan that it is harming many employees whose businesses are up against the wall and are struggling with fixed wage bills?

They further claim that 14% of these workers can’t fund a basic living. Calculator please… .that’s 0.56% of workers. Not pleasant for those concerned but not a headline

Our noble, august and ancient profession makes much use of self employed contractors for book keeping, many of whom come in to work as and when required, some juggling between firms. It can be quite lucrative and convenient for many of them – do we hear them howling with complaints ? Does the system work well for all concerned.

So, CIPD, don’t make a song and dance out of somethggn that is what I would like to define as “progress”. And another thing…. these people aren’t slaves, they are free to find other work.

Written by FDAdmin