Here we go again….. In my not for profit help to SME owners, and on my SME forum guidance the recurring bugbear that accountants are either failing to give good advice or are not meeting expectations has reared its ahead again. Will statutory regulation of the profession help? It certainly won’t make it worse but will it create a cohort of business-centric and proactive accountants or simply restirct those can want to act as complaince gatekeepers?

I must admit that whilst I think the profession should be on an equal footing as others in terms of protecting the word “accountant”, I doubt the intended ends will be me adequately unless the profession itself changes how it teaches the subject in the modern age. What I mean is, there needs to be far more emphasis on practical business advice and perhaps the profession needs further splitting into the nature of the qualification awarded in the same way that ISPs are trained separately.

Written by FDAdmin