Although the year is not yet over, 2016 has been a great year for the startup scene. The top 100 start-ups have raised combined funding of over £200 million, and 32% of these were by female founders or co-founders, representing a shift away from a male dominated industry. Below, in no particular order, we look at top UK startup achievements of 2016.


One startup that has smashed its goals is Eve. They aim to manufacture and deliver super comfy mattresses without the need for pushy middlemen. So confident in their product, they offer 100-great sleeps or a money back guarantee.

Established only a year ago in January 2015, they have since raised over £3.5 million in funding and have grown their team to a whopping 35 people in 2016.


You’ve most likely heard of Deliveroo, the London startup established in 2012. Well, since then they have received over £138 million in venture capitalist funding and now deliver to over 60 international cities.

While they haven’t released exact specifics on figures, they claim that they have been enjoying 25% month-on-month growth in 2016.


Transferwise, a FinTech startup founded in 2011, has been disrupting the banks ever since it started operating. They support more than 300 different types of currency and have had over £3 billion transferred using their service.

Well, they’ve now raised a further $26 million in funding in 2016, placing them at a valuation of $1.1 billion.


Another London-based startup, ASOS has gone from strength to strength since its establishment all the way back in 2000. Although it’s no longer classified as a startup, it shows the potential and success that UK-based startups can achieve.

They now have an annual revenue that exceeds £1.1billion, and in 2016 they saw an 18% increase in profits thanks to overseas sales.

Frog Bikes

Frog Bikes, established in 2013, has seen plenty of achievement over the last few years. Already awarded Export Business of the Year at the 2015 Startup Awards, achieved success by opening manufacturing plants in the UK despite the Brexit vote, wanting to keep production as close to home as possible. Frog Bikes now enjoys shipping to over 28 countries in the world.

Secret Escapes

Secret Escapes, a UK-based startup founded in 2010, now has over 19 million registered members. They enjoyed a successful 2015, securing £60 million in funding, and have now pushed on with those achievements in 2016.

Secret Escapes has now expanded into Asia, with new offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Indonesia. They have now also opened additional markets throughout Europe, with locations in the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, and Italy.


Carwow, founded in 2014 by three co-founders, was setup to help potential car buyers easily find and purchase a car without the need for haggling or middlemen. They have had a hugely successful 2016, with £1 billion in car sales completed, as well as celebrating one million users and a headcount going from 14 to 55.


Clearabee, a nationwide rubbish and junk removal service, was founded in 2012 and launched with only £500. They have already achieved incredible success by growing their team to 100 since being founded, and in 2014 achieved a turnover of £4.1 million. They will continue to smash this success in 2016, with turnovers of around £7 million.


HECK, a sausage, burger, and meatball business, is a startup that was founded in 2013 and launched in 2014. They take an “honest” approach to business and have gained attraction from all major UK retailers such as Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s.

They had great success from when they were founded to mid-2015, with revenues of £5.7 million, and are now estimated to turnover a whopping £12 million in 2016.


Perkbox, only founded in January 2015, have had a hugely successful 2016. They already have a large headcount of 95 employees and have a whopping projected turnover of £15 million for 2016.

This is alongside the fact that they have won numerous awards this year, such as the Flexible and Voluntary Benefits Provider of the Year.

Looking ahead to 2017

All in all, 2016 has been a brilliant year for the UK startup scene, with both new and already established startups smashing it in their own respective ways. We look forward to seeing what 2017 brings for the UK startup scene!

Written by Anna Lemos