No doubt you have paperless banking, at least for your private affairs, as do I. I have been scratching my head for some time as to why I receive a plethora of paper correspondence from my bank. Why can they not deliver notification of charges or changes to terms and conditions on their website when I log in? The bumf that thuds onto my doormat is given a cursory glance and it invariably ends up in the recycling box without leaving the threshhold to my residence.

Royal Mail must me minting it on such junk mail. One can only assume that there are burdensome banking regulations mandating the sending of such correspondence by snail mail. Is it a sinister move by the those in power to flatter the profits of Royal Mail in the run up to privatisation? I bank with Lloyds, which as you know is a state enterpise, so the conspiracy theorists must surely find something here.

Written by FDAdmin