So , the beak is in town. The head of the IMF has delivered her report on austerity UK style. Let’s hope the class laggards in southern Europe sit up and take notice of the class swot across the channel. It is interesting to note that she is suggesting looser monetary policy and of course it is on the government’s wish list and possibly the bank of England’s.Wouldn’t it be interesting if UK were to act on her advice. Imagine the Labour party jumping on the Tories if they did, and if they did not, they would criticise them for ignoring expert advice. She also mentioned that it has kept UK’s reputation intact and this is something I am very keen on. Reputation is everything, everywhere – and often sacrificed for short term gain. Whatever happens the reaction to cutting rates or not will be cover-up for the true story, which is that the hard medicine is working and had Labour been in power Mme Lagardewould be shuddering and we’d be bust.

Written by FDAdmin