So Tesco are in trouble. Well, I could have told you that months ago. Let me explain how. Tesco made a fundamental error that is so common. My missus used to send me to the local Tesco and I hated it because most of our shop is fruit and veg, the aisles which are cramped , with items moved about just when you get the hang of where things are and fewer  staff to assist. So when Sainsbury’s opened their revamped store I gave it a shot. Wow, what a difference, wide airy aisles, helpful staff in abundance. Get the idea? Yup, Tesco thought they could improve the bottom line by cutting staff and squeezing even more into the space. All this is the face of a store a mile away that was doing the opposite. Customers are not stupid. Now we know why Terry Leahy left when he did – he saw the express train coming.

Written by FDAdmin