Terms we hear all the time, from sports reporters to war correspondents. I’m sure you all know the difference between them but do you translate that knowledge well in the execution?

You’re trying to promote your accountancy firm to reel in more clients so naturally you sit down and make a plan with lots of ideas and detail on it. The odds are that it is neither strategic nor tactical, but a wish list of what you want your practice to be and fantastic ideas of what you need to do for execution.

What you actually need is a long hard look at yourself and your client profiles. From here you build your strategy which covers where you want to be in, say 12 or 24 months time. Once this is done you can revise and refine it until you are 100% satisfied that your vision is the true one.

Now you are ready for tactics – how to implement your vision. You can start here. NOTE TO MARC – THIS LINK LEADS TO A ‘PAGE CANNOT BE FOUND’

Written by FDAdmin