I have just had an argument with Royal Mail.  The card guide for letters / large letters has a slot to test items on. This guide, issued by RM to customers, is made of cardboard so naturally there is a certain flexibility to it.  The Royal Mail themselves however use a thick piece of plastic so there is zero flexibility. Result is that a batch of 317 items we sent out was billed for over £300  in underpaid post and surcharges!!! This must be happening up and down the country every day. What would trading standards have to say about that?

I told Royal Mail that they should show some commerciality and issue us with a credit or come to an agreement but they said they have to treat all customers the same and could not do it. I explained that I treat all my customers the same – ie fairly and use my commercial common sense. He repeated his message like a broken record and unusually for me I could see I was getting nowhere. He replied that I could take my business elsewhere, which I do whenever practical. Is it any wonder that Royal Mail’s is considered a basket case?

At least the local postie is a friendly face for the customer to meet every day.

Written by FDAdmin