So the mansion tax is now back on the table. If one lives in a “mansion” with 3 beds and 2 receptions in London and earn £50,000 it’s game over – you have to sell up and move. But the reason you are selling is going to deter buyers isn’t it? What a wonderfully cunning plan, as Blackadder would put it, to force down house prices. But as prices drop the tax take drops. Bad idea Vince Cable. Even worse because lots of people in your constituency would be hit by it but not be able to afford it.I think the vest way to increase revenue is to reduce the rate to 15% across the board, no allowances, no nothing – it is simple and not worth avoiding and will encourage people to create wealth. Come on coalition you know it makes sense. And while you are there increase the bank levy and screw the oil companies.

Written by FDAdmin