They say that if you cannot explain something to your grandmother then you don’t understand it properly. I reckoned I had a grasp of the Greek crisis until I saw a fascinating blog on the BBCwebsite. Spooky stuff to read the potential outcomes. If I was running Greece I know which option I would go for! However, the main point of this is that the Germans were chief architects of theEurozone club, something I have vehemently decried as doomed to failure ever since it was created, and have made the grave error of admitting one or more members who are unable to behave by the rules. They rules were bent all along by everybody over the years simply to accommodate the continued existence of the club. The Poles warn of a conflict within 10 years. Crudely put, the only good thing about creating the EEC was that it obviated the requirement for war as everybody had a common interest. Frau Merkel – admit it – the game’s up! If I had a grandmother would she understand it now?

Written by FDAdmin