If you fancy some good old fashioned entertainment listen to the grilling of the boss of G4S over the Olympic staffing scandal. One wonders why these big cheeses cannot admit failure outright instead of zigging and zagging around the questioner only to end up exactly where they know they will be. Damage limitation is the name of the game but peopel like him have a knack of failing to undertsand that , unless it is their ego and pay packet that blinds their judgment. The latter pair I reckon without a shadow of doubt.

It highlights the core issue around well paid FTSE bosses. When it goes wrong your neck is on the line and also your wallet. It’s no good blaming others . You climbed the greasy pole to the top and now you are there why should you be immune form accountability on your watch ? Too much golf and hobnobbing instead of walking the factory floor perchance ? Assuming of course you know where the “factory” is….

Written by FDAdmin