Once again I listened to a radio program about rising energy costs. What really got my goat was that one caller said she went to bed early to keep warm and when asked if she had sought guidance or applied for insultation grants she answered in the negative and started giving various excuses why not. The program host did not exactly go out of the way to make it clear she can hardly grumble. In fact she should not have been allowed on air….. BBC impartiality ?

It took another caller, who said he wasn’t well off but cuts his garment according to his cloth, to make the point.

I would like to make it clear that living in a cold house is not fun. I have experienced during boiler breakdowns. However, sensible use of central heating to keep a home comfortable and then putting on a jumper as it cools down later in the evening isn’t exactly rocket science, but people are howling in protest that they have to put on extra clothing to stay warm.

I wonder how much is genuine fuel poverty and how  much is jumping on the bandwagon. Fuel prices are what they are – the market is global, so get used to it and live accordingly.

I had my monthly direct debit for heat and light upped to £448 per month. I looked at the bills for the past year, which was quite a cold winter, and saw I had used around £2,500 combined and was in credit to the tune of £250 or so. I simply emailed the supplier and lo and behold the direct debit dropped down to £275. Surprise surprise. A few minutes of checking and problem solved. How many people are simply not checking their tariffs or payments plans but rather jump up and down in righteous indignation at rising costs?

How many houses still have the thermostat in the hall, ready to kick in every time the front door is opened.

So let’s have a sense of proportion in the debate.

To add fuel to the fire (no pun intended)  we grumble that the Chinese are taking over our energy supply but we won’t allow the domestic suppliers to make the profits required to re-invest.

I declare an interest as a shareholder in Centrica.

Good news petrol prices have come down a wee bit. Rejoice !

Written by FDAdmin