The wife sent me out shopping the other day so I dutifully obliged. I stepped into the new local Sainsburys and apart from being gobsmacked by its sheer size I was pleasantly surprised by the freshness of the layout (it is brand spanking new after all ) and the space to shop in. I hopped into the car and whizzed 5 minutes round the M60 and completed the shop in Tesco.

I struck me how cramped and cheap marketplace-like Tesco felt in comparison to Sainsburys. It felt like “pile it high snd sell it cheap” was becoming “pile it all over and leave less space to move”. Also seems to be less staff on the floor to help.

Has the baby been thrown out with the bathwater in the relentless drive to shave costs?

Now this is just one site of each, but if it is indeed a microcosm of the state of play I know where my money would be.

Written by FDAdmin