Europe continues to burn while the main actors party away into the night. So if the Greek have no more austerity what will they riot about? It means they will have to go back to doing nothing and being paid for it by the state who cannot afford it. So where is the money coming from? Not from Frau Merkel that’s for sure.Print more money – not allowed by the EU rules. Leave the Euro – the only chance. For a Eurosceptic like me that is great news. Anything that weakens the EU has to be welcome. We should seize the moment and have an EU or no-EU referendum now. As for the French, well they are going to be their usual bloody-minded and stubborn selves doing what suits them and cocking a snook at the EU rules. At their government has people to tax to pay for it and it looks like it is not a good time to be moderately wealthy in France. Makes our wretched pathetic “has been” country seem tolerable doesn’t it?

Written by FDAdmin