The sun has been out for a few days and all we hear about is rising ice cream sales and how hot it has been “since records began”. However, there lurks a darker side to all the excitement and good cheer that is weather brings.

I refer to the debilitating effects of sun on many people, myself included. Take a closer look at your staff productivity and start totting up the cost. We don’t hear about this in the news and people such as myself are viewed as miserable because we don’t like the sun. Now I appreciate how most people feel during the winter when the cold saps their get up and go. Me? I thrive in the winter and people think I am nuts, walking around in shirt sleeves, often short, when there’s an inch of snow underfoot.

Never mind the staff output, what about trying to nail down clients for important meetings? You know, the ones where they are depositing a cheque with you on the way out. If they aren’t out fishing or hiking it’s the gold course or the beer garden.

Do I believe in climate change? Absolutely, just let me know when it’s my turn to arrange the change.

Written by FDAdmin