I am a very fortunate commuter. It takes me 3 minutes and 35 seconds to get from breakfast to my desk at work. No. I don’t work form home in a large mansion, I am fortunate enough to work around a few corners from home . It’s so close actually that I often walk the long way round to get in my daily exercise quota. Previously I worked 1.5 miles from home and walked or cycled most days.

Now, I am fortunate in as much as I chose where to locate my office and the main criteria was that it was within a 30 minute walk. I pass hundreds vehicles each day , often the same people stuck in the same jam. At one spot I pass the Manchester bound X43 from deepest Lancashire and over a stretch that is 1/5 mile long I pass them , open the office, boil the kettle and start drinking  my tea as it trundles past 7 – 8 minutes later. I can’t help but feel sorry for those passengers.

Which got me thinking. Do people really think about changing jobs to avoid a commute or do they get into their car or catch the bus as a matter of routine without any consideration ?  Or are they sucked in because there are no jobs locally ?

What are your commuting thoughts and experiences ?

Written by FDAdmin