As mentioned in a previous blog, the British economy is taking a turn for the better and predictions indicate that we are set for a very prosperous 2014 especially after the recent official GDP figures. The budget allocations also reflected this optimism and the reduction in national deficit saw the government with more finances to spread across different sectors.

This budget announcement implicated that small companies are set to benefit largely as most corporate allocations were tailored to favour them. Such a positive announcement was great news to Britain’s business industry as it is reported that one in three businesses fail within the first 3 years of being set up. It is understandable why some aspiring business people find it hard to comprehend why some businesses fail and this why we have dedicated this blog towards discussing some of the reasons why many businesses fail within their early days.

Business plan

You simply cannot start a business with a clear and concise plan. Drawing a business plan should be methodical and strategic to ensure you have a systematic guideline of how you will lead the company from the first day of trading. The plan should also encompass realistic and achievable targets and objectives. Overall, failure to plan can be fatal for organisations.

Lack of Investment

This goes hand-in-hand with the planning procedure. If you do not plan your proceedings very well it is very likely that you will underestimate business outgoings. Many entrepreneurs find themselves in difficult positions as their cash strapped business struggles to raise funds for survival. Failing to plan is planning to fail therefore make sure you carry out the necessary research regarding capital to avoid financial pitfalls.

Improper marketing

The development of technology has meant communication is on a different level now compared to how it was a decade ago. It is important to follow the trends and embrace the latest, as this is what the consumers tend to be drawn towards. It is important to get your voice heard and spread the name of your brand among customers to create brand awareness and prevent product resistance.

Many businesses fail due to lack of completing the basic requirements of starting a company. However focusing on these and other aspects of starting a company can be very difficult. In this case, you can use companies like at Formations Direct to help you with the company formation process. We are a professional company with different company formation packages that can be tailored to suit your requirements. Our team of employees are always available to help you so please Contact Us today.

Written by FDAdmin