So, it is morally wrong to pay cash in hand to a tradesman (sorry, trades-person). Surely it must only be days away until a plumber poops up and tells the Daily Mail that he or she has done a cash job for an MP. Have we learnt anything new with this proclamation? Of course not, but it is after all the obligation of the plumber to declare it. Are we the policemen for HMRC? Then again, perhaps we may be facilitating money laundering. So the householder and the plumber are hauled off to face charges. Cost to exchequer? – way above the lost revenue, assuming of course that the plumber never declared it in the first place! I suspect that before long the banks will have to declare every cash withdrawal to HMRC and we can expect “the knock” to find out what we spent it on. So keep all your receipts.

Written by FDAdmin