The bottom line is that banks are failing to perform their role as long as they do not oil the wheels of commerce by granting loans. Several friends of mine have recently bee stabbed in the back by their banks by invoking loan to value clauses even though they have never missed a payment. Why? Simple – if they can call in a loan that pays them base plus 1.5% and lend it out again at base plus 4% then why not? These are the sort of issues that banking reforms need to tackle. I told my friends that a banker is a man who lends you an umbrella when the sun is shining and asks for it back when it rains. But who is that banker? Relationship managers are a misnomer – it is faceless people in anonymous office blocks that are ruining the lives of the real wealth and job creators of this country. Get back to basics – local branch with managers who have a long enough tenure to build a true relationship and understand their customers’ businesses.

Written by FDAdmin