The manner in which you communicate a message is just as important as the message itself. When we talk about the internal communication of a company we are usually referring to just how effective the communication really is.

If your communication methods fail to properly transmit your company’s actual and required goals to staff, the business will surely suffer as a result. And if you can accurately share your company values with your staff, you can be sure they will understand and act accordingly. The obvious and favourable result? The enduring success of your business.

These days, a vibrant and positive company culture can play a huge role in distinguishing your business from the competition. You can make this work in your favour, not solely by what you actually communicate to your team, but how you do so. Your absolute highest priority this year should be to bring out the best in your staff by inspiring them to higher levels of dedication and productivity.

The following practical strategies are meant to achieve this in the shortest time possible:

1. Keep the channels of communication wide open

Make it a rule that anyone is able to approach senior staff, no matter which department they work in or which supervisor they answer to. This should be nailed down in your internal communications system so that it serves as a fluid platform for healthy communication to take place across all sections of the company.

This approach helps employees feel encouraged to speak to one another, and does wonders to dispel the strangeness sometimes brought on by corporate formality. It means that your team will be able to quickly interpret the ideologies of the firm.

Potential issues with staff, grievances, and concerns can all be addressed quickly without causing disruption to usual activities. And the boosted team building that results from free flow communication in your company helps to keep productivity consistent as well.

Here are a few simple ways to quickly integrate improved internal communications at your company.

2. Your team is part and parcel of the industry

Business owners who like to play things close to the chest soon regret the approach and eventually have to involve staff in fixing bad decisions. People like to feel a part of something bigger, so sharing the goings on in your industry helps them feel they are contributing in a meaningful way.

You can keep your staff updated with the latest industry news at the touch of a button these days, and it also provides ample motivation at the start of each day. Let everyone be exposed to the inner workings of the industry and see how your company fits into the bigger picture. This will generate enhanced interest in the work that you do, and your team will feel like sharing what they learn both inside and outside the company. Your company will soon be regarded as a major player in your neck of the woods.

3. Celebrate your team members’ success through internal communications

The vast majority of employees agree that job satisfaction counts for as much as their total pay cheque, especially when they are acknowledged for their personal contributions made to your company. This is the opportunity to make a positive noise about it. Using internal communications to convey praise to your staff is a sure way to increase engagement and motivate a culture of achievement in your business.

It helps the larger staff component to want to strive for similar success, which in turn boosts productivity across the board. Sometimes it can be as simple as sharing the success of a particular department at your firm through a company-wide email or newsletter. But the resulting environment takes staff morale to higher and healthier levels.

4. Create channels for employee feedback

We are always concerned with what customers and clients think and say about the company, but we can neglect the valuable feedback that is lurking right there within company walls. A company that actively takes its staff members’ thoughts, ideas and suggestions into account is almost guaranteed to reap multiple rewards. The shift to constant improvement also demands that we are cognizant of staff experience and find creative ways to make each individual an active contributor.

So, why not use the existing internal communication platform as the perfect springboard to generating improved staff participation? You could make use of convenient chat software that will help capture ideas as and when they occur, directly involve any staff member no matter their designation, and promote improvement and participation at the same time.

5. Embrace the technology of the day

Most of the time your staff are too busy in their regular duties, so realistically you do not want your internal communications to become a distraction and hindrance to their work. We are quite lucky in this modern age to have numerous programs and software at our disposal.

When used correctly these are meant to make our life easier. So, in the same manner, your use of these software tools should be kept simple and streamlined. A few good software examples for enhanced internal communication are:

  • Chat software – HipChat, Slack, and Hammer
  • Cloud services – Google Drive and similar
  • All in one Solutions – Microsoft for documents and email etc.

Here are five more innovative software solutions you should consider.

6. Inspire as well Inform

One of the chief goals of internal communication is obviously to inform staff members, but it can be used for so much more. Lack of motivation and encouragement leads to reduced productivity and neglect of duties. The very same system that you use to pass critical company messages to your staff can and should be used to inspire action!

There are so many ways to incorporate this idea to your existing communication. You can share motivational quotes, especially if they reflect your company’s vision. You could make it known that you are providing incentives and bonuses if certain objectives are met. And above all, you should learn to cleverly work in calls to action inside interoffice emails.

And if you want to streamline communications, even more, you could dare and do away with internal emails altogether.

By following these six innovative business communication tips and tools, you should see a marked improvement in your overall corporate culture and productivity.

Written by Anna Lemos