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Off The Shelf / Ready Made Companies

An off the shelf company is a limited company pre-registered at Companies House, but has never traded, and is ready to be used immediately. Formations Direct offers a large selection of off-the-shelf companies (readymade limited companies).

To purchase simply click the order button or alternatively ring our hotline on 0800 085 45 05 (free call, UK only), or by contacting us.

Alternatively, you can order a limited company formation with a name of your choice using our own name limited company formation application.

PLEASE NOTE: that the prices below include costs associated with our Money Laundering Regulations (MLR) compliance. If you are an MLR obliged entity and have an account with us, you may be exempt from the additional fee. Please log into your account to see your personalised fees, or contact us with any queries.

Current off the shelf company names available for order

Agencies names

CENTRUM AGENCIES LIMITED19 June 2018£104.00order details

Commerce names

BESTPRACTICE COMMERCE LIMITED05 February 2018£104.00order details
TOPDEAL COMMERCE LIMITED07 June 2018£104.00order details

Communications names

EXACT COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED03 May 2018£104.00order details

Computing names

BIGCLOUD COMPUTING LIMITED03 May 2018£104.00order details
COMPUTEC LIMITED19 June 2018£104.00order details
SITEXIA CONSULTANTS LIMITED12 February 2014£200.00order details

Consulting names

CANTRELL CONSULTING LIMITED08 May 2018£104.00order details
FORTIS CONSULTANTS LIMITED19 June 2018£104.00order details
PEXMOUNT CONSULTANTS LIMITED12 February 2014£200.00order details

Data names

ANTROTEX I.T. LIMITED11 February 2014£200.00order details
BOXY I.T. LIMITED11 February 2014£200.00order details
ROBUST SOFTWARE LIMITED08 May 2018£104.00order details
WISERDATA LIMITED19 June 2018£104.00order details

Design names

CITIMAN DESIGNS LIMITED12 February 2014£200.00order details
JUICY CREATIVES LIMITED12 February 2014£200.00order details
NASHTEX DESIGNS LIMITED12 February 2014£200.00order details
VICTORY CREATIVES LIMITED07 June 2018£104.00order details

Engineering names

APROCOURT CONSTRUCTION LIMITED11 February 2014£200.00order details
PEXWOOD ENINEERING LIMITED12 February 2014£200.00order details

Entertainment names

BRIGADIER PICTURES LIMITED19 June 2018£104.00order details
HORIZON PRODUCTIONS LIMITED03 May 2018£104.00order details
IMAGINATION PRODUCTIONS LIMITED03 May 2018£104.00order details
MIXER RESTAURANT LIMITED12 December 2013£300.00order details
NEWBELL RESTAURANT LIMITED31 May 2013£300.00order details

Finance names

CRYPTOCURRENCY EXPERTS LIMITED19 June 2018£104.00order details
OUR BITCOIN LIMITED19 June 2018£104.00order details

Leisure names

COPPERPOT RESTAURANT LIMITED07 June 2018£104.00order details
FITBOD LEISURE LIMITED05 February 2018£104.00order details

Misc names

CASEPLAN LIMITED11 February 2014£200.00order details
CONPARE LIMITED11 February 2014£200.00order details
CONVITIUM LIMITED12 February 2014£200.00order details
DAXMEDE LIMITED12 February 2014£200.00order details
GINCON LIMITED12 February 2014£200.00order details
HYPERMEN LIMITED12 February 2014£200.00order details
LYCHWAY LIMITED12 February 2014£200.00order details
MEXITECH LIMITED12 February 2014£200.00order details
PYTHEX LIMITED12 February 2014£200.00order details
RUXVILLE LIMITED12 February 2014£200.00order details

Solutions names

CALMOUNT SUPPORT LIMITED11 February 2014£200.00order details
STRATOSPHERE SOLUTIONS LIMITED07 June 2018£104.00order details

Systems names

BOXYFIRE SOFTWARE LIMITED11 February 2014£200.00order details

Technology names

BIG ROBOT TECHNOLOGY LIMITED07 June 2018£104.00order details

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