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March 2013

Winter is over and we can look forward to the summer rains. I can’t help but notice that as forecasting becomes less reliable our obsession with the weather increases.

Perhaps the time has come for people to take a similar interest in their personal finances, in particular their spending habits.

Flooding is on the minds of a lot of people so they take as many preventative measures as possible, but in spite of warnings of worse economic prospects the designer labels and “must-have” gadgets continue to fly off the shelves.

Adverse weather outcomes cannot normally be blamed on anybody but adverse financial outcomes are often within the control of the individual. How many accountants out there are having this conversation with their clients?

“What’s it got do with me”, I hear you ask yourself, “I’m their accountant – I sort their business out, not their private life”. I my opinion this is misguided. As their accountant you need to dispense sound advice, and the wreckage of successful businessmen living beyond their means at all income levels, is scattered in front of us. It’s no good tutting after the event and telling yourself that you saw it coming – tell them, preferably before the event!


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Practice growth continues to grow…

Our new practice growth advisory service has a variety of helpful tools and downloads for small practitioners who are unsure of the necessary step in taking their practice to the next level.

Our unique T-A-B program encourages accountants to treat their practice like a business. Often it is a case of “cobbler’s children going barefoot” and many accountants see themselves as compliance clerks rather than business men and women.

We recognise that to make this type of change many accountants are stepping out of their comfort zone, which is exactly why we designed T-A-B the way we have. You’ll not be left floundering about what to do or left to your own devices – we’ll support you at every stage to make sure you work normally and progress steadily towards your goal. We don’t insist on these goals, we identify them based on your abilities and ambitions and do everything we can to get you spot-on and give you a return on your investment that’ll amaze you.

By joining the T-A-B program you’ll find the confidence and receive guidance to make the move from overworked and underpaid deskbound accountant to profitable and smart working business owner.


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FREE lifetime banking

Many of you will already be taking advantage of our fast-track bank account opening and cashback. HSBC are now offering free lifetime business banking subject to terms and conditions, details of which are available from the manager when you open the account.

As well as having access to a bank manager who is dedicated to new account opening for SMEs, our helpful and experienced staff at FD are on hand to iron out any bumps along the way, whether you choose HSBC or Barclays for your cashback company formation.

FD is one of the leading referrers to both banks and we have built up a good working relationship with them, which is why more and more SMEs are choosing their company formation with FD.


Have you considered an apprentice?

Did you know that the apprenticeship scheme is an excellent way of picking up talented young people? Not only are you giving somebody a chance in life but the minimum wage starts as low as £2.50 per hour which more than offsets the investment in time that you will be putting in. The scheme is very flexible and is built around the requirements of the individual apprentice, most of which are eligible for a grant that is paid to you. To find out more visit www.apprenticeships.org.uk



If you’re not already a regular visitor to AccountingWeb you’re missing out on up to date relevant industry news and technical content. There are some excellent discussion areas and lots of questions and answers.


Of greatest interest is the featured blog section where yours truly is a member and was shortlisted as a top blogger for 2012. Have a look; you might even enjoy my often controversial commentary on life, society and economics.


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We’re sending out tips on Twitter for your practice on a weekly basis each Friday. Succinct and straight to the point they give you food for thought over the weekend, and many of the tips are relevant to your clients not just your own practice. To join up follow us on Twitter @FDComment.

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