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February 2011

Welcome to the 11th edition of FD Partnership, our newsletter for accounting and finance professionals.

As 2011 began everybody had it spelled out for them that interest rates were cranking up to move north. Everybody knew it but nobody was comfortable talking about it.

Have you made contingency plans for a base rate of 2% this time next year or is your head in the sand? Even if rates don’t budge how will you cope with a forced refinancing by the bank where you have a loan to value issue and a new rate of base plus 4%?

Make no mistake - this is going to be a very tough year for most sectors but whatever is happening at least there will be a need for accountants to report the bad news but they will be under pressure to do it for less money.

In fact, everybody is under pressure to lower prices and keep up service levels, but often the demands are unreasonable and tantamount to bullying. The only way to survive is to stand firm and explain that either it’s price or service but you can’t give them both. Sensible punters will stick with you.

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Norman Younger BA (Hons) FCCA
Managing Director, Formations Direct


Lots of good reasons to form companies with Formations Direct

We’ve rewritten the rules on

CH Fees

Hard Copy Certificate

Memo & Arts

Paper Register
(except paperless formation)

1st Class Postage


Name Checking

The whole thing is FREE!


FREE option to appoint own officers over the phone or by fax/email

FREE coverprint to advertise your company

FREE domain name suggestions with option to purchase

FREE input of company data into Vectis secretarial software (see inside for details)

CASHBACK up to £100 for telecoms package

NEW RELEASE: Vectis 2.0: Web based secretarial software

Interactive Company Register
100% web based
any browser - anywhere – anytime
Quick sign up without software installation

Vectis company secretarial software is FD's in-house solution to online filing and electronic company register maintenance. Vectis pays for itself with time and efficiency savings. Its multi-company and web-based functionality covers minutes, share certificates, filing requirements and Companies House approved forms on and off line for both professional and business users alike. Now you can update client registers instantly, recording and updating minutes and filing forms online immediately after meetings. It's entirely FREE to set up and use for deadlines, workload schedules and reminders , with all basic company data entered by FD automatically if you incorporate with us.

With compliance issues taking more prominence it is vital that company registers are kept up to date. Vectis makes the task quick and simple and you will no longer need to hunt around the office or delve into files to find out who is in which position and what decisions were taken at a meeting. It's all on the web on our secure server so you can access it any time from any computer.

To find out more visit : - www.formationsdirect.com/vectis
or call us on 0800 085 45 05


Company Features

· Fully automated Annual Return

· Register of Allotments

· Register of Transfers

· Registers of Member

· Register of Directors

· Register of Directors Interests

· Register of Secretaries

· Register of Mortgages & Charges

· Register of Sealings

· Register of Debentures

· Register of Lodgments at Companies House

· Stock transfer forms

· Share certificates


· General and First Board Minutes

· Multiple share classes

· Dividend slips

“Software” Features

· Web-based - no installation issues

· Auto load of data when formed with FD

· Auto update and upgrade via web

· FREE additions of companies

· FREE use of scheduling tools

· Make your own preparation dates

· Only pay for chargeable features

· Hint Links

· Includes online filing option at Companies House

· Pay per company administered the more you order the cheaper it is

· FREE support

· Unlimited companies

· Unlimited personnel

· Unlimited transactions

· Full workload and deadline management with reports

· Reminder for deadlines

· Companies, officers and shareholders fully linked

· Document import as pdf or text

· Get productive straight away with on screen tips and extra 'hint' buttons to guide you as you administer


Prices per annum

Number of Companies Cost per Company

1 - 5 7.75

6 - 20 7.25

21 - 50 6.25

51 - 100 5.25

101 + POA

Please note that all prices are subject to VAT at the standard rate. Licences must be paid for together in advance to benefit from above discounts

Accountancy practice seminars

FD's Kensington division recently hosted seminars for accountants who are conisdering selling their practices. Each presentation lasted around one hour and was followed by questions and answers from individuals in open and private sessions.

Delegates were impressed with the breadth and depth of the lectures and most were grateful for the ability to speak privately face to face with one of the Kensington team.

According to Isaac Ginsbury, operational manager at Kensington, the attendees were pleased that they were receiving genuine advice without any pressure to use Kensington's services. “It's all about building trust so that people will come to us when they are ready. The last thing we want is for accountants to feel they are at a timeshare presentation with a pen held over their heads to sign a contract and part with money”, explains Isaac.

With enquiry levels buoyant Kensington are cautiously optimistic that 2011 will see demand for practices remain at previous levels or higher.

To find out how Kensington can help you to buy or sell an accountancy practice ring 0800 2800 321.

Plans are afoot to run further seminars in 2011.

Fast track limited company restoration

Our recently introduced fast track restoration service has been proving its worth to practitioners who are shaving several weeks of the standard waiting time.

Company restoration for a dissolved and struck off company can take around 6 – 12 weeks if the company restoration application has to go through court in order to restore a struck off company to the register.

In order to fast track a limited company restoration where documents have to be submitted to court we can make a personal court attendance which may speed the process up by several weeks. There is an extra fee of £325 plus VAT for this service and we will attend up to four times until the restoration is complete.

To discuss your company restoration requirements please call our team on 0800 2800 328.

For Sale - Offers Invited


…offers now in excess of £750 invited

We no longer have a liveried vehicle advertising our tax advice services but we still have the numberplate, which we’re selling.

If you want to put in a bid for


ring the tax department on 0800 2800 322
or email [email protected]

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