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Guide to Domain Names

Registering a domain name is a lot like registering a company name. Registering the domain gives you the ability to use the name. That doesn’t include hosting for a website, email or other services in the same way that registering a company name doesn’t include a physical office/shop front or a PO box. Web and email hosting are not currently services which FD offers, so you will need to arrange those with a third party hosting company.

The hosting company will typically give you two "nameserver" addresses to link the name with the services that they are providing. You can change the nameservers for a domain name online under the My Account section on formationsdirect.com. If you don’t know what the email/password is to log in, you can get it emailed to you by going to email access details for domain.

Once you have logged in to the My Account section on formationsdirect.com, you need to click on "click here to manage your domains" which is at the bottom under the Domains heading. You then get a list of domains and you can click "Manage domain" next to the appropriate one. If the domain doesn’t show up in the list then you haven’t logged in with the right email address and password. Most non-UK domains will need unlocking before you can change nameservers. It is recommended that you re-lock it afterwards to prevent people transferring the domain out without permission.

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