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Checks performed for online electronic identity verifying

Accommodation Address File – over 9,500 addresses
Used to identify fraudsters using addresses that are not their current residential address, but from where they can collect any mail or goods sent to them.

Address links – over 345 million records
Identifies previous and forwarding addresses that are linked to the current address provided by the applicant.

Aliases – over 63 million records
Provides known aliases of the applicant.

Associations – over 152 million records
Provides known financial associates of the applicant.

Application databases – in excess of 330 million records
Includes the Credit Application Previous Search (CAPS) file – the UK’s largest file of credit reference enquiries, relating to applications for credit made by individuals.

National Telephone Directory – over 28 million telephone numbers
Contains details of UK telephone numbers, including cable and mobile.

CIFAS*, the UK’s Fraud Prevention Service – over 740 thousand records
Information on suspected and known fraudsters.

Credit Account Information Sharing (CAIS) – over 450 million records
An industry shared file that contains information about credit accounts and their status.

Electoral Register – over 47 million individuals
A list of every person resident in the UK who is registered to vote.

Mortality file – over 12 million records
Customers can choose to use one or all of the General Registrars Office data (incorporating all the deaths registered in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), Millennium (Halo) Mortality Data (deceased individuals data gathered from undertakers and associated with the process of probate data) or the CAIS deceased database.

Citizencard – over 630,000 records
PASS Proof of Age and Home Office-approved Photo-ID, used for age validation, identity authentication and fraud prevention.

Public information file – six million records
Contains County Court Judgments, Decrees in Scotland, bankruptcies, administration orders and voluntary arrangements.

NCOA® Alert (National Change of Address) File – one million addresses
Postal redirections data from the Royal Mail used for fraud prevention purposes to identify where a fraudster has set up a postal redirection away from the current supplied address.

PEP & Sanctions data – over one million records
Data from Complinet relating to high risk individuals in the context of money laundering activities, available as Standard Sanctions or Extended Sanctions and Enforcement Data. Includes, amongst other sources, data from the U.S. Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the Bank of England, Home Office, United National Security Council Committee, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, World Bank, Central Intelligence Agency Head of States List, and the list of Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) or Extended PEP Intelligence Data, which includes Heads of State and Cabinet Members. The PEP Intelligence database comprises approximately 185,000 names from across 200 countries. A separate PEP & Sanctions Product Sheet is available giving detail of all the sources.

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