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Not-for-profit and Charity Companies

You can also register charity companies, often referred to as "not for profit" companies. These are used for organisations that operate as registered charities or are community based initiatives that reinvest any surplus back into the local community or the project they are set up for. There are several types of charitable company; a company limited by guarantee without share capital; a community interest company and a charitable incorporated organisation.

The exact type of "not for profit" company you require will depend on the nature of the project that is being undertaken and it is important to seek professional advice prior to making that choice. The common feature amongst all three types of charity company is that they are normally set up with a specific aim in mind, known as an "object" and have to work towards fulfilling the object(s) to the exclusion of other aims.

Our trained staff will be happy to dispense advice to assist you in making a decision as to the correct charity company for your project and in formulating the appropriate wording for the object(s) clause. Because each "not for profit" company is bespoke it usually takes a little longer to register and will cost more than a standard trading company. Please note that charity companies are not available off the shelf.

Once you have registered your charitable company we can also handle your charity registration with the Charity Commission if required. It is helpful to know at the outset when asking for a charity company registration whether or it will become a registered charity.

To discuss your requirements ring our company formation team on 0800 085 45 05.

Where accountants buy from Freephone 0800 085 45 05
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