Okay, so we know that “rich” people give lots of charitable donations and bring down their marginal tax rate. I assume this is on a personal level but many of the so-called rich take the bulk of their earnings via dividends which means that their companies have paid corporation tax. Whatever the wider picture is the argument is now being presented as it being unfair for the rich to be able to choose where their tax money goes ie to charity . But anybody is free to do this by giving charity as well, not just the rich. What they mean is that since ordinary people have to spend a larger proportion of their income on living costs they don’t have the option to give 90% to charity, unlike our friendly “rich” person. Whatever the argument is I can sense another U-turn on the cards. This whole thing smacks of populist politicking but the paradox is that the people the government want to pander to are those who will lose when charity funding dries up. Hardly a good Conservative policy.

Written by FDAdmin