I am pretty sure there are one or two people out there who may pay for an audience with David Miliband especially if they have given generously to the cause. That’s the way of the world – those who give with an open hand get to meet the big cheese, in this case David Cameron. Now , if perish the thought, David Miliband ever scraped into number 10 and we didn’t all  leave the country en masse, would there be a hullabaloo over undue infleunce due to donations prior to taking up residence at number 10? Do benefactors who get private audiences with VIPs seriously thinks these people remember them a week later? Of course not, you are simply another person they have to meet as part of their duties. In this case they were old friends of David Cameron so the money was probably irrelevant. If, in any event , large donations have to be declared what difference does dinner make? As the title says – I wasn’t invited, I am not looking for an invite nor am I envious of those who went.

Written by FDAdmin